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  • Excel Shape Keeps Disappearing (Four Fixes)
    I used an Excel shape to make a nice-looking button that runs a macro on a protected worksheet. The shape frequently becomes invisible with repeated use of the worksheet and button. But the object hasn’t moved or been deleted from the sheet. I know this as I can still click the shape when I hover … Read more
  • Create Your First Google Web Story On WordPress
    This tutorial isn’t about how to make the best Google web stories. You’ll find plenty of videos for that. When I first watched those videos, I was completely confused. The steps they took didn’t seem to exist in the WordPress story editor. That’s because the interface has greatly changed. This article is to get you … Read more
  • Where Are SQL Express Databases Located?
    There are three easy ways to find where your SQL Express database is located. Before we go through them step by step, I’ll quickly explain how your databases are stored. You may be surprised to learn that a database has more than one file. How SQL Express Stores Databases In Files Each SQL Express database … Read more
  • How To Fix Slow Start-Up Of SQL Server Management Studio (7 Ways)
    When I installed version 18 of SQL Server Management Studio, it was taking over two minutes to launch and complete the start-up. Here are seven different tips to prevent a slow SSMS start-up. I’ve listed them in order of which ones you should try first. I’ll also mention some associated disadvantages that may make you … Read more
  • How To Create A WordPress Post With Python (Examples)
    Creating a WordPress post using Python is surprisingly easy. But when I was learning how to do this, I found that the online examples were either too complex or too simple. I didn’t want a complex authentication method that required installing a plugin. And I needed more from an example than a one-line post. Here … Read more
  • Does SQL Express Need A License? (Yes, But It’s Free!)
    You may see some articles saying that SQL Express does not require a license. That is not true – which you’ll find out when you try to install the software. The license gives you free usage of the software which is a limited version of its big brother, SQL Server. However, the license forbids using … Read more
  • Deleting Comments On A LinkedIn Company Page
    If you are an Admin of a LinkedIn Company Page, this article shows you how to delete unwanted comments on the page. We also answer common questions around who can delete page comments, and whether members or admins know that comments have been deleted. Can You Delete Comments On A LinkedIn Company Page? Whether you … Read more
  • Why Is Excel Putting A Filter On The Wrong Row? (Solved)
    I recently encountered the problem where I was trying to add a filter on the top row but Excel kept putting it on the second row. Here’s a picture of this annoying problem: Although I have placed the cursor on the first row and the B1 cell is highlighted, Excel insists on putting the filter … Read more
  • How Do I Copy A Flow In Power Automate Desktop? (Explained)
    Have you been clicking around in Power Automate Desktop and wondering where the option is to copy a flow? I spent five minutes trying to figure out where Microsoft had buried the “copy” button in PAD. It turns out that there isn’t a copy button in the desktop application. However, there are several other ways … Read more
  • Power Automate Desktop URL Syntax Error (Fixed)
    Power Automate Desktop lets you enter URL addresses in several tasks including the “Go to web page” task. Sometimes you may see an “Invalid value” message or a syntax error. This article shows you how to fix this. Example of Invalid Value Message In this example, a URL is entered into the input box: … Read more