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  • Can A Facebook Business Page Join A Group? (Yes!)
    Facebook business pages can join groups that allow pages as well as profiles. However, groups can choose not to allow pages to join up. This article looks at how to join groups that allow business pages. We also give suggestions on how you can get your page into a group that usually only allows personal … Read more
  • Four Ways To Ban People From Your Facebook Business Page
    Banning people from your Facebook business page isn’t as restrictive as you may think. Facebook does not allow you to block people completely from a published page. This article looks at what happens you ban people. Then we cover four different methods to ban other Facebook users from your business page. Can You Block Someone … Read more
  • Create A Facebook Business Page Without Your Personal Account
    This article is about how to create a Facebook business page without connecting it to your regular personal account. We assume you have a regular Facebook personal account that you use to connect with friends and family. You want to create a Facebook business page but you’d prefer that it is completely separated from your … Read more
  • How To View Your LinkedIn Profile As Someone Else
    LinkedIn used to make it easy to view your LinkedIn profile as someone else. Unfortunately, they took away this feature a few years ago. However, there are a few workarounds that can show you what your LinkedIn profile looks like to: In the search results for someone logged out of LinkedIn Someone logged in to … Read more
  • Can Your Bosses Tell If You Block Them On LinkedIn?
    There are many reasons why people want to block their bosses from viewing their profiles on LinkedIn. But you probably don’t want to offend your boss. So, the question this article answers is – can your boss tell if you block him or her on LinkedIn? The answer is yes, if they go to a … Read more
  • Blocking On LinkedIn (Problems And Fixes)
    This article runs through the steps on how to block someone on LinkedIn. We then look at scenarios in which you find you can’t block specific members on the platform. We give you some tips and advice on how to get around these problems and achieve what you want. How To Block Someone On LinkedIn … Read more
  • How To Block Everyone In A Company On LinkedIn
    Do you want to block everyone who works in a specific company from viewing your profile on LinkedIn? LinkedIn doesn’t provide a mass blocking option, but you can often achieve this result. Your chances largely depend on the size of the company and your current connections. Read on for tips on how to block all … Read more
  • How To Know If Someone Blocked You On LinkedIn (5 Tips)
    LinkedIn makes it hard to know if someone blocked you on LinkedIn. They don’t send you a notification that this event has happened. But there are some ways to figure it out. This article will show you how. Why Is It Difficult To Know If Someone Blocked You On LinkedIn? LinkedIn gives you a list … Read more