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  • Does Akismet Slow Down Your Website?
    I have Akismet activated on some websites but not on others. Recently, I was asked by another blogger whether this plugin slows down websites. So, I decided to test it. This article shows you my test results. We also explain how you can test the performance of Akismet on your own website and decide for … Read more
  • How To Create An Excel File With Power Automate Desktop
    This quick tutorial shows you how to use Power Automate Desktop to create and save an Excel spreadsheet. You’ll learn how to use Power Automate Desktop to: Launch Excel on your local machine Create a new Excel workbook Write content to a worksheet Close and save the Excel file to a specific location Prerequisites You … Read more
  • How to Combine Multiple Worksheets in Excel
    I wanted to combine the contents of multiple worksheets in an Excel file. The method in this tutorial will concatenate some or all of the worksheets in a single file into a new worksheet. If you have data spread across multiple Excel files, you can simply repeat the process for each file. Format Of The … Read more
  • Does Divi Slow Down Your Website? (Several Tests)
    Last year, I considered using Divi on a new website but I was concerned it would slow down performance. However, plenty of Divi enthusiasts say that they don’t have any speed issues with the page builder. This article dives into how Divi affects your website page loading speed and what you can do to fix … Read more
  • Does SSL Slow Down Your Website? (Answered)
    SSL adds some lag when users visit your website. However, the protocol usually increases the overall page speed of your website. Industry tests show that websites are up to four times faster using the SSL protocol instead of the older HTTP protocol. Unfortunately, some circumstances lead to SSL adding up to eight seconds to your … Read more
  • Does Elementor Slow Down Your Website?
    Several years ago, I removed Elementor because I was concerned it was slowing down my websites. However, the company behind the plugin has made big changes to minimize its impact on page speed. I decided to test the latest version (3.X) of Elementor to find if it still slows down a website. This article will … Read more
  • Which Database Is My WordPress Website Using?
    If you have several WordPress websites with your hosting provider, the control panel doesn’t make it obvious which database belongs to which website. The problem is that the WordPress database names may not be similar to the domain names. For example, I use HostArmada as my hosting provider and I have five websites on my … Read more
  • Does Embedding Video Slow Down Your Website?
    One of my websites has several articles with embedded YouTube videos. I wanted to find out if embedding a video slows down the website. So, I ran a series of before-and-after tests to measure the impact on one of my websites. Here is my verdict. Does Embedding Video Slow Down Your Website? When you embed … Read more
  • Why Can’t I Find A LinkedIn Company Page? (5 Fixes)
    It’s very frustrating when you know that a LinkedIn company page should exist, but you can’t find it. You may have created it yourself, but other people say it doesn’t appear in searches. Or you’re trying to add the company page to your work experience, but it doesn’t show up in the drop-down list. This … Read more
  • How To Delete A Company Page On LinkedIn (Problems Solved)
    It’s possible to delete a company page from LinkedIn, but not in all circumstances. If you created the page and quickly realize that you made a mistake, you shouldn’t have a problem. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in this article. However, there are some criteria that prevent you from deleting the page. We’ll explain what … Read more