Uptime Robot And Cloudflare – Do You Need Both?

Uptime Robot and Cloudflare are used together on many websites. But Cloudflare provides some protection to downtime, so do you need the two services? This article discusses why it’s a good idea to use both. Do you need to do anything special to make Uptime Robot work well with Cloudflare? Usually not, but we have … Read more

Uptime Robot Guide (Explained For Beginners)

Uptime Robot offers a free service that regularly checks your websites are up and available for visitors. It can alert you when your website is down or badly affected by issues such as hosting problems, high bot traffic, or hacking. This guide is for people with smaller websites who are looking for a reliable service … Read more

How To Use The Uptime Robot Keyword Monitor

The Uptime Robot Keyword Monitor is part of the free features with this website monitoring service. It’s a great choice to catch some downtime scenarios that won’t get picked up by standard website monitoring. You can use The Keyword Monitor in conjunction with other monitoring so you get wider protection from problems with your website. … Read more