Does Embedding Video Slow Down Your Website?

One of my websites has several articles with embedded YouTube videos. I wanted to find out if embedding a video slows down the website. So, I ran a series of before-and-after tests to measure the impact on one of my websites. Here is my verdict. Does Embedding Video Slow Down Your Website? When you embed … Read more

Why Can’t I Find A LinkedIn Company Page? (5 Fixes)

It’s very frustrating when you know that a LinkedIn company page should exist, but you can’t find it. You may have created it yourself, but other people say it doesn’t appear in searches. Or you’re trying to add the company page to your work experience, but it doesn’t show up in the drop-down list. This … Read more

How To Delete A Company Page On LinkedIn (Problems Solved)

It’s possible to delete a company page from LinkedIn, but not in all circumstances. If you created the page and quickly realize that you made a mistake, you shouldn’t have a problem. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in this article. However, there are some criteria that prevent you from deleting the page. We’ll explain what … Read more

How To Find The Admin Of A LinkedIn Company Page (Best Tips)

LinkedIn doesn’t publicly show the administrators or owners of a LinkedIn company page. So, you may be having trouble finding the admin of a company page you’re interested in. This article gives you tips and tricks on how to find the admin and make contact. We cover two scenarios: You aren’t connected to the company … Read more

How To Create A LinkedIn Company Page (And Avoid Problems)

Creating a LinkedIn company page is quite simple but there are a few odd glitches in the process to get to a completed version. I’ve created several company pages and still get stalled due to it not being clear whether my edits have been saved. Unfortunately, when I ran through the process this week, LinkedIn … Read more

Can A Facebook Business Page Send Private Messages? (Our Tips)

Your Facebook business page can only send private messages to users who have messaged or commented on the page. However, there are ways to encourage users to initiate contact so that your business page. We’ll give you the best tips in this article. We’ll also solve some problems that crop up with messaging from business … Read more

Can My Friends See My Facebook Business Page?

Are you about to create a business page but want to keep it separate from your personal life? You’re probably wondering if your friends will get notified when you create the page in the way that Facebook sends out notifications for your other activity. In summary, your friends don’t get notified and there aren’t obvious … Read more

Are GPS Signals Weak? (Explained Simply)

GPS signals are weaker than other wireless signals like Wi-Fi and cellular transmissions for your mobile phone calls. This article explains how GPS signal levels are measured. We also explain why GPS signals are so weak. What Type Of Signal Is Sent From GPS Satellites? GPS satellites broadcast a continuous stream of radio waves. This … Read more

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Does GPS Emit Radiation? (Explained Simply)

This article explains how GPS units emit tiny levels of radiation that are negligible when compared to simply making a call on a cell phone. We’ll break down the types of radiation that are involved with GPS. And we’ll explain why the radiation levels are so low. Do GPS Receivers Emit Radiation? The GPS receiver … Read more

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How To Check Signal Strength On Your Phone (With Pictures)

This quick tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions on checking the actual signal strength on an iPhone or an Android phone. The little bars on the main display of your phone often show a higher signal than your phone is really receiving. This tutorial shows you how to check the real signal strength. We’ll also explain … Read more