Deactivate Facebook Account And Keep Your Business Page

Do you want to deactivate your Facebook personal profile but keep your business page?

There are lots of reasons why people want to do this. But it isn’t as easy as you might think.

This article gives you three options to achieve what you want.

What Happens To Your Facebook Business Page When You Deactivate Your Personal Account?

If you deactivate your Facebook personal profile, your business page(s) won’t be deleted.

However, you won’t be able to access the settings of the page or make any further changes to it. Your account will no longer be an administrator of the page.

You won’t be able to perform actions like removing offensive posts or blocking people from the page.

Unless you have taken the steps mentioned later in this article, your page will no longer have any administrator. This is probably not what you want.

Option 1: Remove Problematic Material from Your Personal Profile Account

What is your reason for wanting to deactivate your Facebook personal profile? Is it because it has material that you think is inappropriate in the context of your business page?

One solution is to clean up your profile to make it more bland or business-like. This may involve one or all of these options:

  • work back through your timeline and deleting or hiding questionable posts
  • unfriend most of your personal friends and only keep business-related connections
  • change your settings so that new friends don’t see old posts

Let’s look at these options in more detail.

Hide or delete old posts

Instead of losing your personal account, you can hide or delete inappropriate posts or photos.

What’s the difference between hiding and deleting? Well, if you hide the posts or photos, they won’t show up on your timeline if someone jumps there from your business page.

However, people can find the posts through specific searches.

And what if you’re tagged in a post that you think is inappropriate? If you remove the tag, it will no longer show up in your timeline.

Deleting a post that you created removes it entirely from the Facebook platform. It won’t show up in searches.

Clean up your friends

Are you friends with the high school joker who continues to post and share questionable material? Particularly old photos with you tagged in with a group doing questionable things?

You can work through your friend list and unfriend those who don’t conform to the kind of image that you want for your business.

Prevent new friends from seeing old posts

There may be a clear point in time from which you were posting silly holiday pics to when you decided to use Facebook to support a business.

You can stop new friends from seeing aged posts and photos through the Audience Visibility section of your account settings.

However, this doesn’t apply to posts that you shared to someone else’s profile.

Option 2: Limit Your Use Of Facebook While Keeping Your Business Page

I saw an appeal for help on a social media forum by someone who stated that using Facebook was draining her mental health at that time.

This person wanted to know how to delete her personal profile so she wouldn’t be trawling through her timeline. But she still wanted to keep her business page.

As I mentioned in the introduction, if she deleted her personal account she wouldn’t be able to control her business page.

But there is another option for this scenario.

If you use the Facebook app on your desktop or phone, you can remove this app. This doesn’t delete your personal account, but it does stop you from seeing the drama that pops up on your timeline.

Facebook Business Suite

But you still want to maintain your Business page! To do so, you can install a separate app specifically for this. The app used to be known as Pages Manager, but it is now known as The Facebook Business Suite.

Here’s the link on the Google Play Store.

The advantage is now you don’t have to access your business page from your personal profile page first.

Option 3: Add A Second Admin To Your Business Page And Remove Your Profile

This option would be my preference. These are the steps involved:

  1. Add a second administrator to your business page
  2. Remove your account as an administrator to the business page
  3. Deactivate your Facebook personal profile
  4. Use the second admin to maintain the business page

You may have an understandable objection. You don’t want to bring in someone else as an admin and have to ask that person to do all the tasks on your business page that you used to do.

The solution is simple! You can create a different Facebook personal account that you own and log into. Then set this new account to be the Admin and deactivate your original profile.

You can follow the instructions in our article on how to set up a second Facebook personal profile.

You may be certain you know how to do this, but you should check out the article anyway. It covers ways to make the account look less like a dummy or spam profile to Facebook.

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