How To Downgrade PayPal From Business To Personal

There is no automated option on the PayPal website to downgrade a Business account to a Personal account. Only customer support staff can start the process. You need to contact Customer Support to request the downgrade of your account. Unfortunately, the PayPal forums have many complaints from customers having difficulty getting a downgrade. This article … Read more

How To Block Someone On PayPal (Explained)

The extent to which you can block someone on PayPal depends on whether you have a Personal or Business account. You have more options if you have a Business account, but there are some limited actions you can with a Personal account. This article starts with a summary of what you can do with either … Read more

Why Does PayPal Need My SSN? (Explained)

When you log into your PayPal account, do you see an alert saying that you must give the company your Social Security Number? Are you having difficulty withdrawing funds because you haven’t given your SSN? U.S. customers need to provide tax identification to PayPal in some circumstances. This article explains why. Why Does PayPal Need … Read more