How To Avoid Spam Email From Direct Marketing

One annoying aspect of online purchasing or simply registering for information is that you may be bombarded with emails offering services and products you simply don’t want. Yes, you ticked the box that said you didn’t want any further communication. However, the new emails pile in from other websites and companies. Can you avoid this? … Read more

How To Block Spam Email On Your Kindle Fire

Are you seeing too much spam email on your Kindle Fire? This article explains how to block spam on your Kindle. You’ll have a much more enjoyable experience when using your tablet! Does The Kindle Fire Block Spam Email? The Kindle Fire doesn’t have a special option to block spam email, but that doesn’t mean … Read more

How To Spot Email Spoofing (For Beginners)

This article shows you how to spot fake emails that have been spoofed to look like they’re coming from a legitimate company. I’ll use specific examples of spoof emails that pretend they are from PayPal or marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. If you’re using these sites for transactions, you should understand what spoof emails are … Read more

Spot Fake PayPal Notification Emails (Explained)

When you’re selling on an online marketplace like eBay or Amazon, you need to be aware of fake PayPal notification emails. These fake PayPal payment confirmations falsely state that the buyer has paid for the item. The email is faked to look as if it comes from PayPal or the marketplace. What Do Fake PayPal Notification … Read more