Why Does eBay Need My SSN? (Explained)

The new rules from eBay for sellers means that they now need to provide their social security number (SSN). This was announced in December 2021 but is still a surprise to many sellers when they get a notification that eBay needs their SSN. This article explains why you may have to provide the details if … Read more

Seller Protection With Tracking Or Signature Confirmation

This article covers two methods of protection for sellers on online marketplaces such as eBay. The first method is with tracking numbers. The second method is delivery with signature confirmation. We’ll cover the differences in protection and what to do when you’re faced with a claim. Tracking Numbers With tracked delivery, the postal service provides … Read more

eBay Item Not Received – Seller Protection

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How To Spot Email Spoofing (For Beginners)

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Spot Fake PayPal Notification Emails (Explained)

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