Can A Facebook Business Page Send Private Messages? (Our Tips)

Your Facebook business page can only send private messages to users who have messaged or commented on the page.

However, there are ways to encourage users to initiate contact so that your business page. We’ll give you the best tips in this article. We’ll also solve some problems that crop up with messaging from business pages.

Can A Facebook Business Page Send A Private Message?

Business pages cannot initiate messages to Facebook users. However, they can reply to messages sent by users to the page’s inbox.

A business page can also send a private message to a user who has commented on the page.

Only an admin, editor, or moderator can send messages from the page.

How To Reply To Messages To Your Business Page

Facebook keeps changing how to access messages. The latest change is the new “Meta Business Suite” section.

Using your browser to manage the page, the Inbox is in this Meta section at the top of the left pane. This is shown in the picture below.

Click on the “inbox” item in the Meta Business Suite to access the messages to the page.

You can reply to any private messages from a Facebook user from the inbox.

How To Send Private Messages Via Comments On A Page

Users can interact with posts on your business page with likes and comments.

If a user simply likes a post, you don’t get the option to interact back.

However, if a user comments on your page, you have the option to send them a private message.

A “Send Message” link appears beneath the comment. It is to the right of the like/reply/hide options as shown in the picture below.

How To Ensure Users Can Message Your Business Page

You should make sure that you have allowed users to send private messages to your page.

When enabled, visitors to the page will see a “Contact Us” button at the top.

To check or enable the messaging option, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Settings cog in the left pane of your business page.
  2. Click on the “Messages” section on the Page Settings page.
  3. Check whether the option is enabled

You can enable the option by ticking the checkbox, as shown in this picture:

How To Increase The Number Of Users Your Page Can Message

There are several tactics that will increase the number of users your business page can message.

Here are our two best tips. The first is free and the second is a paid option.

Encourage comments by ending your post with a question

If a user simply likes your post, you don’t get the option to send them a private message.

The goal here is to entice users to comment on the page.

One of the best ways is to finish your post with a provocative question that encourages comments. Of course, there’s no need to do this with every post.

You can create occasional posts that are tailored to provoke a reaction from readers.

Use news feed ads

When users see ads in their news feed, the ad contains a “send message” button. This lets them send private messages to your business page.

Why Can’t I Send Messages From My Business Page?

We mentioned already that you can only send messages to users who have interacted with your page through comments or messages.

But what if you still can’t send messages to these users?

You should check your status on the page. You must be either an admin, an editor, or a moderator to be able to reply to messages to the page.

Alternatives To Sending Messages

You may be frustrated by having to wait for Facebook users to interact with your page before you can send them messages.

However, there are several alternative approaches to reaching a wider audience. One is free and the other is paid.

Post to the page timeline

The free option is to post frequently and strategically to the page timeline.

Facebook tries to match posts to users based on interest. They notify users of relevant posts.

The strategy is to create posts that target different segments of the audience you are trying to reach.

Boost your post (paid)

If you’re not getting the desired results with your post strategy, you have a paid option.

You can pay to increase the reach of a particular post. In other words, this boots the number of notifications that Facebook will send.

Can A Business Page Send Messages To Another Business Page?

Facebook doesn’t allow business pages to send messages to other pages.

If you think about it, you’ll probably feel grateful! It would simply devolve into endless spam to your own page.

However, you can always post on the timeline of the page to catch their attention.

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