Does SSL Slow Down Your Website? (Answered)

SSL adds some lag when users visit your website. However, the protocol usually increases the overall page speed of your website. Industry tests show that websites are up to four times faster using the SSL protocol instead of the older HTTP protocol. Unfortunately, some circumstances lead to SSL adding up to eight seconds to your … Read more

Does Elementor Slow Down Your Website?

Several years ago, I removed Elementor because I was concerned it was slowing down my websites. However, the company behind the plugin has made big changes to minimize its impact on page speed. I decided to test the latest version (3.X) of Elementor to find if it still slows down a website. This article will … Read more

Which Database Is My WordPress Website Using?

If you have several WordPress websites with your hosting provider, the control panel doesn’t make it obvious which database belongs to which website. The problem is that the WordPress database names may not be similar to the domain names. For example, I use HostArmada as my hosting provider and I have five websites on my … Read more

Does Embedding Video Slow Down Your Website?

One of my websites has several articles with embedded YouTube videos. I wanted to find out if embedding a video slows down the website. So, I ran a series of before-and-after tests to measure the impact on one of my websites. Here is my verdict. Does Embedding Video Slow Down Your Website? When you embed … Read more