How To Create An Excel File With Power Automate Desktop

This quick tutorial shows you how to use Power Automate Desktop to create and save an Excel spreadsheet. You’ll learn how to use Power Automate Desktop to: Launch Excel on your local machine Create a new Excel workbook Write content to a worksheet Close and save the Excel file to a specific location Prerequisites You … Read more

How to Combine Multiple Worksheets in Excel

I wanted to combine the contents of multiple worksheets in an Excel file. The method in this tutorial will concatenate some or all of the worksheets in a single file into a new worksheet. If you have data spread across multiple Excel files, you can simply repeat the process for each file. Format Of The … Read more

How to Disable Protected View In Excel 365?

This article shows you how to disable Protected View in Excel 365. This stops Excel from opening spreadsheets in protected mode. You will no longer see the warning message at the top of the screen. You should only disable Protected View when you are downloading and working with Excel files that you are certain are … Read more