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Mesquite, TX: 11/6/2013

Black; male; 5'5"; Avg weight; possibly in his 30s; wearing dark hoodie with hood up and white piping, dark pants and shoes and a mesh mask.

2013-11-06 | Mesquite | TX | More
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El Paso, 8/11/2011, **REWARD**

Approximately 25-30 years old, weighing 190 pounds. Last seen wearing dark blue/black gym pants, a light colored hoodie, with a tan bandana and dark sunglasses, gym gloves and a knapsack or back pack

2011-08-11 | El Paso | TX | More
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$12,000.00 Reward, Mesquite Armed Robbery

Black; male; late 20's; black pants; black, long-sleeved shirt; black baseball style cap; black back-pack. $12,000.00 reward for info leading to arrest and conviction.
10/31/2008 | Mesquite | TX | More
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Dallas, 10/09/08

White, long-sleeved t-shirt; knit cap; chrome 9mm handgun;
10/09/2008 | Dallas | TX | More
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$15,000 Reward for Point Blank Bandit

"Point Blank Bandit" is described as a Hispanic male, 25-35 years old, 5’11” to 6’00” tall, 200 to 250 pounds, with a clean shaven face, and a shaved head. He was wearing clothing that matches the description of clothing worn in the other two robberies; a pale yellow or cream colored short-sleeved dress shirt, dark slacks, and sunglasses. Witnesses interviewed after the September 10th robbery described a burn scar on his left wrist.
10/01/2008 | Katy | TX | More
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Arlington, TX 07/22/2008

White cap with T emblem on front. White doo rag under cap. Green hooded sweatshirt. Jeans and white tennis shoes.
07/22/2008 | Arlington | TX | More
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San Marcos, TX 07/07/2008 – ZZ Top Bandit

White male; 5' 6" - 5' 8", early to mid 40's, medium build. - ZZ Top Bandit
07/07/2008 | San Marcos | TX | More
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Houston, TX 07/01/2008 – Red Handed Bandit

The "Red Handed Bandit" is described as a black male, approximately 26 to 35 years old, 6' - 6' 5" tall, 210-240 pounds with a muscular or athletic build. During this latest robbery, he wore dark tee-shirt, dark jacket, dark colored pants, a dark Texas Tech baseball cap, sneakers, and light colored gloves. He was also wearing a black back support belt around his waist.
| Houston | TX | More
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