Woodhaven Bank – Rhome, Texas***CAPTURED***

200-250 lbs, blue ball cap, orange Longhorns jacket, jeans and white athletic shoes

The robber got away and black Chevy Silverado Texas Edition 4 door pickup with paper tags. The car was driven by an unknown person.

2014-10-29 | Rhome | Texas | More

Kyle – 10/06/2014

White male, mid-50's - early 60's.
2014-10-24 | Kyle | Texas | More

IBC, San Antonio -10/13/14

White Male, light colored eyes, 5'10", medium build.

2014-10-13 | San Antonio | TX | More

Motor bank robbery – Fort Worth, Texas***CAPTURED***

Middle aged male. Stocky build. Gray or blue polo style shirt. Sunglasses hooked to collar of shirt.

He drove a early 2000s model, black Nissan Maxima

2014-10-09 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Farmer’s Branch, TX: 10-3-14

White, male suspect approx 5'08 to 5'10, 170-190, approx 30 years old.

2014-10-03 | Farmers Branch | TX | More

Kyle – 10/06/2014

White Male, light colored eyes, 5'10", medium Build.
2014-10-06 | Kyle | Texas | More

Waco, Texas 09/15/2014

White male 60s or 70s, wearing suit with collared shirt and sunglasses.
2014-09-15 | Waco | Texas | More

Garland, TX: 9/10/14

Girly Backpack Bandit. White; male; large, brown, fake beard; Rocawear Denim Company shirt;
2014-09-10 | Garland | TX | More

Dallas, TX: 8/29/2014

Black; male; 5'8"; 160 lbs;
2014-08-29 | Dallas | TX | More

Texas Trust Credit Union, Arlington, Texas***CAPTURED***

50's; 160 – 180 lbs,
Clothing: tank top with panther prints and big lips on the front, black leggings, white athletic shoes
Tattoo – upper right arm covered by bandaid appeared to be cursive writing

2014-08-15 | Arlington | Texas | More

My Credit Union – Euless, Texas***CAPTURED***

medium build, white tennis visor with fake hair attached; blue bandanna over the face. The suspect wore a blue jacket over a long white t-shirt, khaki pants.

2014-08-07 | Euless | Texas | More

Frost Bank – Fossil Creek, Fort Worth***CAPTURED***

65-70 years of age. Slight build. Dallas Mavericks hat. Red, plaid flannel shirt and blue jeans.

2014-07-14 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Wig Bandit II – Wells Fargo, Bellaire Drive S, Fort Worth****CAPTURED****

130 lbs; large sunglasses; short auburn wig; heavy makeup on face; scar on left side of face; tan sweater over a black blouse; long ankle length skirt worn over blue jeans; tennis shoes; large silver or gray purse. She had a gray glove or similar item on her right hand and what appeared to be an Ace bandage on her left.

2014-06-10 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Wig Bandit II – Comerica Bank, Fort Worth****CAPTURED****

medium build. Dark red or brown wig. dark sunglasses. Long sleeve sweater. Bandage on left hand. Silver or gray purse. Jeans and boots.

2014-06-09 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

BBVA Compass – Camp Bowie****CAPTURED****

average build; dark, short haired wig; white sweater over a green pullover blouse; jeans. The robber wore dark sunglasses and she had band aids on four fingers of her left hand possibly to cover up tattoos.

2014-05-22 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

AUSTIN – 05/12/2014

Black male, mid-30's, thin mustache, 240 pounds.
2014-05-12 | AUSTIN | TEXAS | More
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