Bank Robbery

First Convenience Bank – Fort Worth***CAPTURED***

150 lbs, black doo-rag and dark sunglasses. Blue polo shirt, dark jeans and white athletic shoes. He has a chain or lanyard hanging from his left front pocket. He was seen leaving in a blue Mercury sedan.
2016-06-07 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Chase bank – Fort Worth***CAPTURED***

slight pot-belly, wavy hair, gray t-shirt and jeans. Tattoos on both biceps.

2016-05-27 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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Origins bank – Fort Worth, Texas

140 lbs, whit e fedora, black sunglasses, black "Army" t-shirt
2016-05-09 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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Interbank – Fort Worth

The subject's skin was only visible around his eyes. His complexion was light and it's believed he was white.
2016-05-06 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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Bank of Texas

220-240 lbs, full beard, somewhat bushy hair. Dark sunglasses; long sleeves shirt, slacks.
2016-05-05 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Surgical Mask Bandit – First Convenience Bank***CAPTURED***

Heavyset; black clothing and hat; yellow construction vest; surgical mask

2016-05-06 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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First Convenience Bank – Fort Worth***CAPTURED***

160-190, black ball cap, black sunglasses, doo-rag under his hat, mustache, approximatley 50 years of age.
2016-05-05 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Wells Fargo – Lake Worth***CAPTURED***

medium build, "Guy Fawkes" mask, dark ball cap, black shirt and pants, white basketball shoes. The robber also carried a brown straw hat in one hand.


2016-05-02 | Lake Worth | Texas | More

Frost Bank – Bryant Irvin Road***CAPTURED***

short in stature, slight pot belly, goatee and mustache, black or dark colored "OU" ballcap, white or gray long sleeve shirt and dark pants.
2016-04-23 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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First Convenience Bank – South Fielder Road

Average build; white ball cap, black wig, pink "Texas" hoodie, white pants and dark colored Nike tennis shoes.
2016-04-07 | Arlington | Texas | More
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EECU-Texas Sage Trail

husky build; blue Texas Rangers ball cap; black,short sleeve button up shirt worn over a white long sleeve t-shirt; black pants.
2016-03-02 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Comerica bank Overton Ridge***CAPTURED***

250+ pounds; gray hoodie, ball cap, beard and dark shirt, blue jeans.
2016-02-29 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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BBVA Compass Bryant Irvin Road, Fort Worth***CAPTURED***

250 lbs, gray "Ivy cap with ear flaps, dark jacket with white trim, and dark pants.
2016-02-23 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Chase Bank – Bryant Irvin Road***CAPTURED***

medium build, gray hoodie, gray pants, goatee, dark sunglasses
2016-01-02 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Surgical Mask Bandit – Grand Prairie****CAPTURED***

Heavyset (250+), black ball cap, sunglasses, surgical mask, black jacket, black pants and brown work boots.
2015-12-31 | Grand Prairie | Texas | More

Surgical Mask bandit – east Fort Worth***CAPTURED***

Heavy set. Black hooded jacket and black pants. Brown, suede boots. Black ball cap with a red emblem on it. Aviator sunglasses. Dust mask

2015-12-30 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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