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Chase bank – West Vickery, Fort Worth****CAPTURED****

medium build, long strawberry-blonde hair that looked like a wig. Large framed, brown sunglasses, a print sweater over an ankle length print dress. Black shoes. The robber had a large, black shoulder bag

2014-01-30 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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Takeover robbery – Qualtrust Credit Union – Bedford

heavyset, all black clothing with the exception of the shoes which were white.
2013-12-18 | Bedford | Texas | More
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Pizza Delivery Bandit – Keller, Texas

Average build, Dominoes Pizza hat, maroon long sleeve pullover, jeans.
2013-11-21 | Keller | Texas | More

Bicycle Bandit – Fort Worth***CAPTURED***

Average build, mask over the upper part of his face (could have been a hat pulled down). The robber has a light brown beard with a substantial amount of gray in it. He wore a gray sweatshirt, jeans, light colored shoes and black gloves.
The robber used a "cruiser-style" bicycle to get away. The bike was a dark gray in color.

2014-01-28 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Austin – 01/21/2014

White or Hispanic male, early 20's
2014-01-27 | AUSTIN | TEXAS | More
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Wells Fargo – Camp Bowie Blvd West, Fort Worth

medium build, gray beanie, dark sunglasses, black jacket with a fur collar, white t-shirt, jeans and white shoes.
2013-12-26 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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Chase Bank – La Gran Plaza, Fort Worth

medium build, gray beanie, black jacket, white t-shirt, black pants and shoes. He also wore dark sunglasses
2013-12-26 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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