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Dallas, TX: 5/21/13

Black; male; 5'8" - 5'9"; 180-200; cream colored, long-sleeved sweatshirt; grey sweatpants; grey hat; grey material over face; gloves.
2013-05-21 | Dallas | TX | More
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Amarillo, TX: 5/20/2013

RED SOLE SHOES: A white, male, dark baseball cap turned backward, sunglasses, dark bandana over his face and a covering over his hair in back, dark sweatshirt with a logo and a word on the front of the shirt which appears to begin with the letters “SPL”, lighter colored , long gloves which came partway up his forearm, blue jeans and dark shoes with red soles. Sawed-off shotgun.

2013-05-20 | Amarillo | TX | More

Austin – 05/03/2013

White male, late 40's, balding, with wire rim perscription glasses.
2013-05-08 | Austin | Texas | More
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Mesh Mask Bandit – Arlington, Texas

medium build, large mustache, dark skin. Possibly a goatee or light, scruffy beard. The robber wore a dark ball cap, a mesh mask over his face (possibly a wave cap), dark colored jacket over dark colored shirt, dark pants. The robber was reported to be wearing Reebok Jumps basketball shoes. The robber also wore black mechanics gloves.
2013-04-29 | Arlington | Texas | More
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McKinney, TX

White Male, 5’7” – 5’8”, 150lbs, Medium Build, In his 50s, Black printed zippered hoodie Dark baseball cap, Razor stubble, Calm demeanor, Soft spoken, Glasses
2013-05-02 | McKinney | TX | More
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