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Austin – 01/29/2010

Mid 30's.  Spoke with an English or Irish Accent.
2010-01-29 | Austin | Texas | More
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Dallas, TX, 01/26/10

White; male; 50-60; grey beard; baseball cap; orange hoodie.
2010-01-26 | Dallas | TX | More
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San Antonio Federal Credit Union 01/25/2010

Early 20's, approximately 125 lbs, thin build, large nose, wearing a blue colored hoodie jacket, black colored "skater's" type beanie, blue jeans, and "skater's" type shoes.
2010-01-25 | San Antonio | Texas | More

El Paso, 1/21/2010, **CAPTURED**

Late 30s, medium build, mustache.  Last seen wearing: cargo style jacket, greenish/brown upper portion and sleeves, lighter color on lower portion and unknown patch/logo on left sleeve; red t-shirt with white lettering; light colored blue jeans; white athletic shoes; silver framed prescription eyeglasses.

2010-01-21 | El Paso | TX | More
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Beanie bandit

tan beanie, dark colored fleece vest, orange long-sleeved button up shirt, jeans, white tennis shoes
2010-01-19 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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Bank of America, San Antonio, Texas 01/14/2010

Stocky, mid 20's, clean shaven.
2010-01-14 | San Antonio | Texas | More
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Dallas, 1/19/10 ****CAPTURED****

Up to $5000.00 reward. A White/male and a Black/male enter the bank wearing security-guard type jackets.
2010-01-19 | Dallas | TX | More
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Compass Bank, Waco, Texas 1/14/2010 ****CAPTURED****

Black male, in his 30s, 5'9", 180 pounds, wearing a white baseball cap with the orange University of Texas longhorn logo, a blue wind breaker jacket, blue jeans, and brown lace up shoes.
2010-01-14 | Waco | Texas | More
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Grand Prairie, 1/13/10

Hispanic, male; baseball cap; orange sweatshirt; blue jeans; white tennis shoes.
2010-01-13 | Grand Prairie | TX | More
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Richardson, 12/10/09

Black; male; plaid hat; black leather jacket; black under shirt;
2009-12-10 | Richardson | TX | More

El Paso, 1/12/2010, **CAPTURED**

35 to 40 years of age, light complexion, lock style goatee, wire-framed eyeglasses, brown knit stocking cap, black and light brown colored jacket, blue jeans.

2010-01-12 | El Paso | Texas | More
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collar length hair, long sideburns and prescription glasses (light sensitive type), blue or black nylon jacket, blue horizontal striped polo/rugby style shirt, black pants and black shoes
2010-01-12 | Euless | TX | More
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Scarf bandit

late 20's to early 30's,  black watch cap, black and gray scarf, black jacket with emblem on left chest, blue jeans. Laptop style briefcase.
2010-01-08 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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Ballcap Bandit

35 – 40 yoa, dark skinned with beard stubble, 180 lbs, wearing cowboys jacket and black hat with red bill (chevy emblem with words “racing” underneath)
2009-12-22 | Arlington | Texas | More

Guaranty Bank-Eastchase*****CAPTURED***

Receding hairline, dark sunglasses, black jacket, gray shirt underneath.
2009-12-18 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Bank of America-Bryant Irvin Road***CAPTURED***

mid twenties, tall, slender, black ‘skull cap’ hat, gray shirt, & dark pants. Gold or silver metal framed glasses
2009-12-23 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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