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Texarkana, TX: 10/27/2009

white male in his thirties, between 5’7” and 6’, medium build, wearing a green military-style cap, black leather jacket and jeans. The bank robber did not wear gloves. He was clean-cut and had no facial hair
2009-10-27 | Texarkana | TX | More
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Garland, TX: 12/1/09

Black male dressed as a female. Black and white sweater; wig.
2009-12-01 | Garland | TX | More
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Kauffman, TX: ATM Burglary

ATM burglary. Assault of police officer.
2009-12-17 | Kauffman | TX | More
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Houston, TX 12/17/2009

He is described as a black male approximately 50 years old, 6'0" to 6'02 tall, 220-230 pounds, with a short, trimmed grey haired mustache, and prescription eyeglasses. He wore a baseball cap, dark colored leather jacket, and dark pants with white tennis shoes.
2009-12-17 | Houston | TX | More
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Cross Dressing Crook Pulls Pistol During Bank Heist

Witnesses describe the robber as a black male with dark complexion, 6’0” to 6’1” tall, 180-190 pounds, mid twenties, with a deep voice, large hands and large feet.  He was wearing a black wig with blonde highlights, a dark sweater, short  pants, athletic shoes, and press on French manicured fingernails.
2009-12-16 | Wharton | TX | More
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El Paso, 12-4-09

Approximately 25-30 years of age with a slim to medium build.  Last seen wearing a Dallas Cowboys ball cap, gray hooded sweatshirt, dark colored jacket, blue gloves, faded blue jeans, and scarf or ski mask.  Carrying a black handgun and a black bag.
2009-12-04 | El Paso | TX | More
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Austin – 12/09/2009

20-25 years of ag
2009-12-09 | Austin | Texas | More
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First Community Bank, Waco 12/02/2009

Female Subject (get away driver) with hair in a pony tail came into the bank 30 minutes before the robbery and asked about employment.
2009-12-02 | Waco | Texas | More
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Ballcap Bandit

Unshaven; blue and silver Dallas Cowboys, hooded jacket; ballcap with a red brim, red t-shirt, pressed blue jean, white tennis shoes, black and silver gloves.
2009-12-02 | Arlington | Texas | More
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Ballcap bandit

Ball cap with white face and black brim (the word "Champions" across the front-possibly a Mavericks hat), sunglasses, denim jacket, white t-shirt with graphic on front, pressed blue jeans, white tennis shoes
2009-12-01 | Arlington | Texas | More
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