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Bandanna boys

black and white jacket with hood, blue bandanna, white t-shirt, dark pants, black backpack, black gloves
2009-11-25 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Reckless Bandit – Austin

White Male, 5'10" - 6'1" tall, 190 - 220 pounds, late 20's, early 30's.
2009-11-25 | Austin | Texas | More
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Visual aids guy

Black ball cap, black "doo-rag," dark long sleeved shirt.  White glove on right hand.  Prescriptions glasses.  170 - 230 lbs.
2009-11-18 | Arlington | Texas | More
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Extraco – Killeen, 11/13/2009

Suspect # 2 was a Black male in his 20s but older than Suspect # 1, 5'8" to 5' 10" tall, about 170 pounds, wearing a dark ball cap, with a black or dark blue dou-rag or scarf covering his face, a blue long sleeve shirt and jeans that were cut off and torn , three quarter length.
2009-11-13 | Killeen | Texas | More
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FNB – Killeen, 08/04/2009

Dark complected Black male in his mid 20's,; 6' tall; medium build; some facial hair; dark eyes; and yellow teeth wearing dark clothing, black t-shirt, black full length cargo pants, a two toned baseball style cap pulled down tightly on his head.  Bandit carried a drak draw string back pack over his right shoulder which he used as his loot bag.
2009-08-04 | Killeen | Texas | More
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Garland, TX, 11/16/09

White; male; 5'6" - 5'8"; 145 - 150; mid 20s - early 30s; black sunglasses; black ski mask; white hoodie; black jeans; black shoes; very braod nose.
2009-11-16 | Garland | TX | More
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Irving, TX, 11/16/2009

Hispanic; male; 6'1" - 6'2"; 220+; black windbreaker; clear glasses; foul odor (bodyodor and cigarettes).
2009-11-16 | Irving | TX | More
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FCB Altamesa Blvd

Stocky build; over 200 lbs. The robber had short hair with a receding  hairline. The robber wore a white hooded sweatshirt with gold emblems all over it, blue t-shirt, blue sweatpants and white shoes.
2009-11-12 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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Phone talking guy

Clothing: black baseball cap with gold, embroidered emblem, white or off white t shirt with red/yellow/white emblem, gray slacks, white tennis shoes.  Dark sunglasses. Mustache and Van Dyke (chin whiskers).  The robber had a bandage (finger splint) or the finger of a rubber glove on his left index finger.
2009-11-05 | Arlington | Texas | More
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Balch Springs, TX, 11/4/09

Black; male; 5'6" - 5'7"; 160; 40 y/o; balding;
2009-11-04 | Balch Springs | TX | More
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Spiderman and friend

pink baseball cap, black jacket with gray stripes, black wind pants, white athletic shoes, black mask
2009-10-30 | Southlake | Texas | More
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