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Houston, Texas

Black male, slim build, gray beard, was wearing a gray in color golfers style hat. possible gray hair under hat.
2009-10-28 | Houston | Texas | More

Austin – 10/26/2009

White male, late 30's to early 40's, 170 - 190 pounds, wearing a black St. Stephens sweat shirt.
2009-10-26 | Austin | Texas | More
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Dallas, TX, 10/25/09

Black; male; 5'4"-5'7"; 160 lbs; gold teeth;blue windbreaker; jeans.
2009-10-25 | Dallas | TX | More

FCB-North Hills*****CAPTURED*****

Mid 30's. Short hair, receding hairline, mustache and chin beard. Dark, zip up, hooded windbreaker with light colored lining, blue polo shirt and light colored blue jeans.
2009-10-23 | North Richland Hills | Texas | More
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Blanco, TX. 10/21/2009

Suspect information: #1) Twenties to Thirties, 5’4”-5’7”, 130-150lbs, Hispanic male, Ski mask, gloves, black jacket. #2) Twenties to Thirties, 5’4”-5’7”, 150-170lbs, Hispanic male, Ski mask, gloves. #3) Twenties to Thirties, 5’4”-5’7”, 130-150lbs, Hispanic male, Ski mask, gloves.
2009-10-21 | Blanco | TX | More

OmniAmerican Bank-North Arlington-Captured

collar length straight hair, medium complexion, stud earring with clear stones in each ear, black hooded sweatshirt with orange lettering, black or dark, baggy jeans, black shoes. The lettering on the sweatshirt appears to be: "I See Dumb People."
2009-10-21 | Arlington | TX | More
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Hutchins, TX: 10/20/09

Black; male; black hat; brown coat; black t-shirt; tattoo on right side of neck
2009-10-20 | Hutchins | TX | More
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Texas National Bank, Bullard TX

2009-10-13 | Bullard | TX | More
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Wells Fargo-10/12/2009

Mid to late 30's,
2009-10-12 | Dallas | TX | More
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Houston, Texas

Black male,  30 to 40 years of age, average build weighting 145 to 165 bald, and was unshaven with a little gray at time of robbery. wearing a blue tee shirt with "united ballers" on it, and blue shorts
2009-10-09 | Houston | Texas | More
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Houston, Tx 10-21-08

white/male 30 to 35 yrs of age. weighing 170 to 180 lbs bald on top with light colored hair on the side of his head.
2009-10-09 | Houston | Texas | More

Houston, Tx. 08-26-09

Tall Light skin black male, Possible goes by the name "Beano"  $5000 REWARD
2009-10-09 | Houston | Tx. | More
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AUSTIN – 10/06/2009

Tan colored hooded jacket, cotton work gloves, grey or khaki ski mask.
2009-10-07 | Austin | Texas | More
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Abilene, TX, 5/4/09

Susp.1: H/M; 5'4"; heavy set; faded red sweatshirt; bright red pick-up. Susp.2: H/M; gray sweatshirt; blue jeans.
2009-05-04 | Trent | TX | More

Camo bandit-Fort Worth Community C.U.****CAPTURED*****

Early to mid 20's, thin build. Green trucker's cap with white mesh back. There is a patch or emblem on the front of the cap. Camouflage short sleeved t-shirt over a long-sleeved blue thermal shirt, dirty jeans, white tennis shoes. The robber wore dark sunglasses and had no facial hair.
2009-10-06 | Fort Worth | TX | More
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