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Chase Bank – Windcrest PD

****CAPTURED****Black Shirt, Dark Sunglasses, Tattoo on right upper arm, blue jeans, white tennis shoes
2009-07-27 | Windcrest | TX | More

BCG Bandit – South Hulen****CAPTURED****

Blue bb cap with white trim and white NY (Yankees) symbol on front, black sleevless shirt (Starter brand) with white trim, black short, running shoes. Prescription glasses with thick lenses and a thick mustache.
2009-07-30 | Fort Worth | Texas | More

Joe Cool****CAPTURED****

Black ball cap with the letters "TX" on the front in white outline, dark wrap-around sunglasses, white long-sleeved t shirt with the sleeves pushed up and blue shorts. Blue and white basketball shoes with no visible socks.
2009-07-29 | Arlington | TX | More

San Antonio Credit Union

*****CAPTURED********female suspect: dark blouse, dark sunglasses , tatto across right upper arm    5'3 to 5'7 male suspect: black beanie cap, black sunglasses, white t-shirt 6'2 to 6'3
2009-07-29 | San Antonio | TX | More

Wells Fargo – San Antonio 07-18-2009

****CAPTURED***black cap with white and red trim on bill, tan long sleeve shirt, blue jeans
2009-07-18 | San Antonio | TX | More

BCG Bandit -Lake Worth****CAPTURED****

Dark blue or black baseball cap, prescription glasses with thick lenses, thick mustache, black t shirt and gray shorts.
2009-07-27 | Lake Worth | Texas | More
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Texarkana, TX: 07/21/09

Black; male; gray t-shirt; black cap; dark sunglasses.
2009-07-21 | Texarkana | TX | More

BCG Bandit – B of A -South Hulen St.****CAPTURED****

Blue bb cap, glasses, mustache. Gray t shirt and gray or white cotton short. Running shoes.
07/16/2009 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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Smelly bandit

Black bb cap, white long sleeve t shit with "Texas Longhorns" logo on front, blue jeans and white/blue tennis shoes. Strong body odor combined with heavy odor of cigarettes and alcohol.
07/15/2009 | Fort Worth | Texas | More
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Dallas, TX: 07/14/2009

Two, white, males.
07/14/2009 | Dallas | TX | More
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Bow-Legged Bandit – San Antonio

Deep raspy voice; Bow-legged
06/29/2009 | San Antonio | Texas | More
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Beanie bandit****CAPTURED****

Black beanie or watch cap, possibly long hair at back of neck, mustache, black tshirt with graphics on front, jeans, white shoes
07/07/2009 | Arlington | Texas | More
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