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Fort Worth, TX 05/23/2008

White Male, Twenties, 5′10 to 6′0, 175-185 lbs, light complexion, wore ski mask.
05/23/2008 | Fort Worth | TX | More

Fort Worth, TX 05/17/2008

White Male; 25-26; 6 ft.; 170 lbs; goatee with no mustache; blue Boston Red Sox hat; dark aviator sunglasses; blue mechanics shirt with the word “Staff” over the right pocket and two unknown words above the left pocket; baggy jeans and white tennis shoes.
05/17/2008 | Fort Worth | TX | More
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Alamo Heights, TX 05/16/2008

White or Hispanic Male, 6′2″-6′3″, thin, white cap, orange long-sleeve shirt, sunglasses.
| Alamo Heights | TX | More
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Marquez, TX 05/14/2008

White Male, 50 years old, heavy build, 5′6″ to 5′10″, possible fake grey hair and beard
05/14/2008 | Marquez | TX | More

Arlington, TX 05/09/2008***CAPTURED***

Black male; early 20’s; very short hair; 5′6; 160 lbs; athletic build; black over-sized t-shirt over a white t-shirt, dark blue or black long shorts; white tennis shoes
05/09/2008 | Arlington | TX | More
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Fredericksburg, TX 05/09/2008

H/M, 5′8″-5′9″, 175-185lbs, blk ball cap, blk shirt w/ white long sleeve, drk sunglasses
| Fredericksburg | TX | More
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Bedford, TX 05/07/2008

White male, 25-32, short dark brown hair and sideburns, dark blue cap, dark blue longsleeve thermal top and jeans.
05/07/2008 | Bedford | TX | More
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Dallas, TX 05/05/2008

Black; male.
05/05/2008 | Dallas | TX | More
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