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Mesquite, TX 10/31/2007

White; male; early 50s; 6′2″, 200lbs; gray hair.
10/31/2007 | Mesquite | TX | More

Austin, TX 10/31/2007

white male, 5′07″, 155 lbs, shaved head, goatee
10/31/2007 | Austin | TX | More

Austin, TX 10/31/2007

Four Hispanic Males
10/31/2007 | Austin | TX | More

Dallas 10/27/2007

Scarecrow Bandits
10/27/2007 | Dallas | TX | More
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Denton, TX 10/19/2007

Black; male
10/19/2007 | Denton | TX | More
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Austin, TX 10/12/2007

suspect caught and identified as Barton Baily Greer, White male, born 12/16/67
10/12/2007 | Austin | TX | More
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El Paso, TX 10/06/2007

White male, 35-40 years of age, 5′10″ in height, 160 - 170 pounds, wearing a beige plaid long sleeve shirt, off white cargo style pants, dark sunglasses, and a tan ball cap with a triangle logo
10/06/2007 | El Paso | TX | More

Dallas, TX 10/05/2007

10/05/2007 | Duncanville | TX | More
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