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Bastrop, TX 07/30/2007

White female, approximately 5′08″, heavy-set, wearing a baseball cap with the ords “Green Day” on it, dark t-shirt with the word “America” and pictures of guitars on front.
07/30/2007 | Bastrop | TX | More
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Rockwall, TX 07/27/2007

Two black males
07/27/2007 | Rockwall | TX | More

Dallas, TX 07/25/2007

Two black males
07/25/2007 | Garland | TX | More
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Arlington, TX 07/20/2007

Black Male; 6′3”; 175lbs; Mid 30s; short hair; black bag over shoulder
07/20/2007 | Arlington | TX | More
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Dallas, TX 07/18/2007

Black; Male; 5′8″; 180; 30-35; fake beard.
07/18/2007 | Dallas | TX | More
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Arlington, TX 07/12/2007

White, male, crew (flat-top) haircut.
07/12/2007 | Arlington | TX | More

Dallas, TX 07/11/2007

White; male' 6' 0"; 180-200; salt/pepper beard.
07/11/2007 | Dallas | TX | More
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Dallas, TX 07/10/2007

Black; male; hardhat; covering on face
07/10/2007 | Dallas | TX | More
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Austin, TX 07/10/2007

White male, late 20’s-30’s, 5′03″to 5′04″ tall, sideburns 2-3 inches long. Last seen wearing a dark color t-shirt with single line of writing on front and back, khaki pants, baseball cap (beige in front with dark blue in back)
07/10/2007 | Austin | TX | More
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Dallas, TX 07/10/2007

White, male, dark gotee
07/10/2007 | Dallas | TX | More
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Fort Worth, TX 07/06/2007

| Fort Worth | TX | More

Lufkin, TX 07/06/2007

Two black males robbed the bank at gunpoint
07/06/2007 | Lufkin | TX | More
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Dallas, TX 07/05/2007

Black; male; wig; hat
07/05/2007 | Dallas | TX | More

Fort Worth, TX 07/03/2007

Black male, 5′10″ - 6′ Tall, 180 - 200 pounds. Wearing a green cap and plaid shirt. He had a thick mustache at the time of the robbery. Witnesses said he had a lazy eye.
07/03/2007 | Fort Worth | TX | More
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Houston, TX 07/03/2007

The man is white with a tanned complexion, in his late 30s to early 40s, about 6 feet 3 inches tall and 175 pounds with a thin build. He has visible wrinkles around his mouth. He was last seen wearing a khaki, button-down long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, brown steel-toed boots, brown wrap-around sunglasses and a baseball cap.
07/03/2007 | Houston | TX | More
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Dallas, TX 07/02/2007

Black; male; 50+; 5' 11"; 220lbs
07/02/2007 | Dallas | TX | More
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